3 comments on “Cubs Trade Of DeRosa Is A Precursor For Other Moves (At Least It’d Better Be)

  1. Regarding Tony La Russa, I remember his name surfaced in the New York papers after Torre left the Yankees. Also, I think he came to the All-Star game (or was it the final game?) at Yankee Stadium as the guest of the Steinbrenners. So he’s probably on the list of managers in waiting should Girardi fail.


  2. When I first heard the Derosa deal, I thought this was a setup for more to come too. In any case, it’s sickening to watch the Cubs make moves and throw money around and get better than they already are as division champs while the Cardinals sit around with their thumbs stuck in very uncomfortable places. You’re right, Prince. “justifiable rage” is just the beginning. If LaRussa goes (which he will if management doesn’t make a 180 QUICK) then Cardinal fans will REALLY see a turn for the worse. I imagine my worst nightmare as having a Mozeliak puppet in the clubhouse… might as well make room at the bottom of the division, cuz that’s where we’ll be.

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