6 comments on “Torre’s Weakness And Joe Buck’s Doppelganger

  1. I agree with joefromnewhampshire: Kent’s defense leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe that factored into Torre’s decision…..On the subject of The Bold and the Beautiful, OMG. I watch it too! So does John Sterling – religiously! (He’s into Young & the Restless too.) I got into it because one of my best friends in LA is the producer. Now it’s my daily lunch break. But Paul, Ronn Moss and Joe Buck? I don’t see it. Btw, did you know Ronn was in the 70s band Player? Check out an album cover – he looks the same only with even more hair. So let me ask: How many women do you think Jack Wagner will impregnate this month?


  2. Oh, we know everything there is to know about Ronn and his career history. Jack Wagner, his promiscuity and Evander Holyfield-level fertility is one of the many aspects of the show that are fascinating. There’s the weird sexuality between Wagner and Lesley-Anne Down, even though she plays his mother and they appear to be the same age; there’s the way they run out of storylines and make the children who were toddlers on Friday into teenagers on Monday (Alexandria and Hope are next); how they change actors and simply announce, “Bridget Forrester is now played by…”; how Brooke has some kind of a magical whatzit that, once men enter they can never leave; and we want them to bring Deacon back. I could go on for hours.

  3. C’mon Jane, let’s cut the crap; whoever it is will be back eventually with some nonsensical explanation as to why they’re not dead. They BURIED Taylor for God’s sake and came up with this Arab Sheik harem/unknown cure for cancer story to “explain” her return.

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