4 comments on “The Prince Of New York’s Sunday Lightning,  10.5.2008

  1. I think “Prince of New York’s Sunday Lightning” will be required reading for all of us. Great idea! BUT let me speak for that poor Yankee fan you’re calling out. We followers of all things pinstriped have wish lists. We don’t really expect to acquire every player we covet. As for everyone in Yankeeville feeling the knife twist in our collective gut about Torre, Bowa, etc doing well, it’s not the case. I don’t know any Yankee fan who isn’t happy for Joe.


  2. Consider me “struck” by the Prince’s “Lightning”.
    Cubs — No, no choking here. There wasn’t any outside thing to blame it on either (ie Bartman, Black Cat, etc). Still, I’ll be smiling all winter knowing they flubbed up… again.
    Al Davis — Did you see Warren Sapp on NFL Live the other day talking about the crazy moves Davis makes from the booth on gameday? Unbelievable. The Raiders deserve to be terrible.

  3. Great writing as always, Paul. Someone should have offered you a column by now. The one Lugo trade that made sense to me was Julio for Dontrelle. Both are overpaid and underachieving. Lugo is owed $9 million a year in ’09 and ’10 while Willis is pocketing $10 million and $12 million over the next two years. Sounds like garbage for garbage, but Jed Lowrie’s already replaced Julio.

    Steve T.

  4. Jane, you speak for a large chunk of Yankees-Nation (including Brian Cashman) when you say you hope Torre and co. do well; there isn’t and should be no animosity towards Torre after everything he accomplished for the Yankees; that being said, there is a subculture of fans who take the lead of the Baby Boss and Randy Levine and for whom the world’s biggest nightmare (aside from a democratic president) is Joe Torre being carried off the field after winning a World Series for the Los Angeles Dodgers (by Manny Ramirez no less!), crying and waving as he heads into the clubhouse to receive a trophy that the Yankees haven’t gotten their fingerprints on in eight years.
    Jeff, the dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.
    Steve, thanks for the compliment. I suggested the Mets go after Dontrelle a few weeks ago too. I’m either formulating a disaster or turning into Al Davis from when the Raiders were a home for wayward boys and problems and/or failures (Lyle Alzado, Jim Plunkett, John Matuszak) were turned into assets.

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