4 comments on “An Idea For A Yankees Reality Show During The Postseason; A Note For Chris Lincecum

  1. Two things….

    The reality show involving the Yankees “brain trust” having to sit through Torre vs the Mets (or any other team) is interesting except someone would have to be voted off, in the grand tradition of reality shows. (I don’t watch them either; they make me nuts.) Who would be the “judge” that kicks Hal or Hank off Manhattan Island? Joe West? Bud Selig? Ronan Tynan?

    As for Troy Percival, that was really weird last night. I got the feeling Percy was just fine and that Maddon brought the trainer out just to save face for his pitcher, who didn’t have it.


  2. I’d pay to watch those reactions, especially that of Hank. He wouldn’t care if he were on camera or not, so you know you’re almost guaranteed to hear something that shouldn’t be said coming out of his mouth regarding the former Yankee skipper. I think it’s already past the point of irony that the Yanks have stunk all season, while Torre is having a hell of a good time in Cali, making more commercials for the Dodgers this season than he did the entire time he was with the Yankees and likely leading his new team to the playoffs. If it hadn’t been the Yankee organization’s own fault for his leaving, this would of been messed up, but it’s not even a surprise. I have no problem wishing Joe Torre the best of luck in the postseason, though I probably won’t watch any of the games because the Yanks aren’t in it. It’s kind of funny how things work out in baseball, even in the business side of things.
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