8 comments on “The Rays-Red Sox Brawl; The Mets Fall To A Corpse; A Brief Moment On Politics

  1. Jeez Joe. Kevin Mitchell was a gangbanger who came off the streets of San Diego and was feared throughout the league after his rookie year with the Mets. It took about six members of the Reds to hold him down during that classic Mets-Reds brawl in 1986 and he got kicked in the ribs so hard that he was coughing up blood all night, but he didn’t care. You go after one of his teammates, he’s coming after you and if he got close, you’d better run. That was one of the reasons the Mets traded him and it turned out to be a big mistake. He and Knight were the muscle behind their on-field swagger. Knight also invited Dave Parker to put his hands up when Parker confronted him the next day and Parker backed down. That was NOT a team to mess with.

  2. And I’ve been meaning to ask, does the hostess at your Chili’s look anything like that model/actress chick that’s in the latest commercials happily chirping, “Welcome to Chili’s,”? Just wondering.

  3. Not only that, Mitchell made that amazing barehanded catch in left field (with the Giants at the time) too. Tough dude.

    This is a great post, Paul. You hit that brawl thing right on the head. Of course we LOVE to see a brawl!!! God I love it! Though I have never seen anyone come close to what Nolan Ryan did to Robin Ventura: put the man in a headlock and pound away on the top of his skull — with his pitching hand! Wow. That’s a gamer.

    I don’t know, sure Matthews is annoying, but aren’t they all? I kind of like his sing songy crybaby voice. Remember when he heard the Obama speech and he said he “felt a tingle up my leg”? That was priceless. Warner, Webb… I don’t see how you can go wrong with either of those choices. As long as it ain’t a Hillary.



  4. I’m no fan of any of these guys (and gals) who think what they have to say is so important that it’s okay to shout over the other person’s answer or condescendingly denigrate them if they disagree. If I were ever in one of those situations, it would degenerate into a YouTube moment real fast. I’m a bit biased admittedly, because I like Webb. Puts his money where his mouth is; son in the Marines and all that.

  5. It’s probably just as well; you might still be traumatized about what the Mets did to the Red Sox that October. And what about the hostess?

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