7 comments on “Philadelphia Fans Don’t Deserve Championship Teams

  1. Mcnabb is good but he has had problems in the past not completing enough passes in an offense (west coast) that relies on using the passing game, particularly shorter passes in place of some of the running game. And Mcnabb is miserable sometimes on short passes, he just guns them in there, and sometimes they are nowhere near the recievers hands. He did make strides in his completion percentage this past season, but i think part of that is because he did not have deep threat, and had to throw less down field (one of his biggest strengths is his arm). That allowed him to focus more on the shorter game. This is my opinion though, and I havent actually looked at any stats to back it up. Although I never wanted anyone to start over Mcnabb this year. However, I was understanding if they did part ways with Mcnabb after 2007, that is if Kolb (the rookie) was ready. And they know more than anyone if he is ready, because I have no idea.


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