6 comments on “It Ain’t That Hard To Use Google, Mr. Harvard-Educated Stat Geek

  1. It’s no more minuscule than the relentless reliance on some of these stats that can be twisted to fit any theory and especially for someone like Law, who’s getting paid for his writings, is smug and condescending and doesn’t want to bother to do two seconds worth of research to make sure such a mistake doesn’t happen.

  2. One always has to question all the “new” stats produced now. Sometimes these stat guys get too much credit for their analysis. There are some that I take seriously, some I don’t. If I find/hear something Law produces I usually have to check him out, mainly because of Tracy Ringolsby column on 11/26/06:
    “Let’s see, Keith Law is forced out as an adviser to Toronto general manager J.P. Ricciardi, and ESPN makes him an instant celebrity in his evaluation of everything from amateur draft choices to MVP voting.

    Law runs his statistical analyses and gets personal with those with whom he disagrees.

    Wonder if he is using the same analysis system that helped him in Toronto when the Blue Jays signed Eric Hinske to that four-year contract and proclaimed him the foundation for the Jays’ future? Was it the same approach to evaluation that led to the Jays using back-to-back first-round picks on Russ Adams and Aaron Hill, neither of whom emerged as the needed shortstop?”

    When Ringolsby (Gammons,Stark or Hummell) puts something in an article I’ll believe it, no questions asked.


  3. I don’t really mind the use of stats; but with guys like Law, I get the impression that he’s making snide faces and rolling his eyes if you disagree with his precious numbers. I didn’t know he was fired in Toronto. How can someone be considered a baseball expert and not know the difference between Jerry and Johnny Narron? And if a writer is getting paid for his writings and has even the slightest shred of doubt, he should do a quick check on the web before posting. (He should actually check anyway, even if he’s 99% sure of what he’s saying. It saves some embarrassment.) This wasn’t a typo; it was just a screw up that should’ve been avoided if Law’s such an “expert”.

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